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Best Small Batch Gin
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Red Hen Gin Crowned Australia’s Best Small Batch Gin

Yesterday Adelaide distillery, Red Hen Gin wowed the judges at The Australian Distilled Spirits Awards (ADSA) and took home the award for “Champion Small Batch Gin“. A pretty sweet win for the guys considering Red Hen is still in it’s infancy, operating commercially now for less than a year.

Entries for Best Small Batch Gin are blind tasted and judged on their own merit (how do I get this this job?), not in comparison to other gins. Tastings are scored using an internationally recognised 100 point scoring system based on palate, balance, colour/appearance, nose and finish. Winners are then broken down further into gold, bronze and silver medalists. Those lucky enough to make it through with gold then enter another nail-biting round to uncover the one true champion.

You might remember Red Hen Gin made waves last year when they opened their distillery in Adelaide’s CBD – the first of its kind around town. But for Luke Page and the Vallelonga brothers – MichaelDanieland Anthony – it was something like an expensive hobby with only dreams of Red Hen becoming what it is today. The guys manufacture and bottle the gin all on the same premises which keep the small-batch craft spirit completely local and personal. They use a vapour-infused London Dry style method to create a uniquely refined and delicate flavour that’s insanely good.

Best Small Batch Gin


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New CBD Distillery; How Are We Not Known As ‘The Gin State’ Already?

It happens every summer, but to save yourself from passing out sober, a new refreshing Gin Distillery is opening up in Adelaide’s inner CBD.

Okay to set the scene… it’s a hot sweltering Adelaide summer day, the birds are refusing to leave the shade, the sand on the beach is like walking on hot coals and sweat is making your face look like a lit disco ball and all you want is a cool drink.

The establishment is the Red Hen, which is being crafted with much care by brothers Michael, Anthony and Daniel Vallelonga and honorary brother Luke Page. We’ve been told they have spent a lot of time perfecting their blend, a detailed process of mixing grape spirit with botanical to craft a traditional London Dry Style. Perfect for hot days.

The news is almost too much to bear. On the back of the new Renmark Distillery, the creations of Prohibition Liquor Co and Settlers Spirits, the international awards won by KIS and Adelaide Hills Distillery, there’s a swell happening that is most welcome. For the moment we can’t wait to see the announcement of the first Gin night from this team so we can chat one-on-one about how we can get a case put aside of their limited stock to work through for the summer months.

Until then, you can track down Red Hen Gin at two awesome new(ish) destinations; Sturt Street Cellarsand Alfred’s on Peel Street.