Red Hen Gin

A Delicate Gin that is Juniper forward, with some soft citrus & floral notes upfront. The pallet is crisp and peppery off the back of fresh Celery Leaf, Cubeb Pepper Berries and Grains of Paradise. These tones flow smoothly with a hint of Cassia into a light but earthy finish.

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9 customer reviews

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9 reviews for Red Hen Gin
  • First Gin I have truly liked! Well done boys!

    out of 5
  • Definitely a London style. Amazing gin…will definitely buy local.

    out of 5
  • My new favourite Gin! Well done

    out of 5
  • (verified owner)

    Delicious. And now a liquor cabinet staple.

    out of 5
  • Fabulous gin. Very impressed with the strong , subtle yet smooth flavour.

    out of 5
  • There is definitely something special about Red Hen.

    out of 5
  • The standout Gin from Junipalooza 2019 Melbourne
    Has the ‘WoW ‘factor

  • I love local, and you can’t get more local than Adelaide CBD made gin. This is a truly excellent, and award winning, dry gin is best served straight, with a bit of ice, or with tonic.. Maybe add some botanicals if you wish, but his gin doesn’t need it, just enjoy it as it is made. My favourite is straight over ice. However I also do not mind it with a bit of tonic makes, which makes it really refreshing on a hot day.

    out of 5
  • Honestly didn’t rate gin until I came across this stuff! Huge citrus tones, super refreshing, perfect in summer (oh and winter, autumn and spring). Delicious

    out of 5

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